Faculty Biography Submission for Website

Please complete and submit the form below.

In keeping with the friendly and approachable tone of the website, we ask that you submit your written content in first person.

If the Marketing Department has a recent photograph of you that we have used in previous communications, please email webteam@cotr.bc.ca and notify us to use your image on file.

If we do not have your photograph on file, we will require you to submit a professional image that is at least 600 pixels x 400 pixels. The larger the resolution and size the better, as we can optimize them at our end. Please email it to webteam@cotr.bc.ca. Photos taken with a phone are acceptable but should be kept professional. Outdoor shots are accepted and welcome. #noselfies!

Faculty – Bio Submission

  • Describe when you joined the College and briefly outline the work you have done at COTR, including teaching, service on committees, or projects.
  • Please briefly outline your training and credentials as well as your professional interests.
  • Use this section to offer students a preview into what they might expect in regards to ingenuity in the classroom when taking your course.
  • Please provide a high resolution, landscape orientation (horizontal) photo of yourself. Appropriate photos could include you at your place of work (with permission if needed), a photo of you enjoying the outdoors, etc. Please try to avoid selfies and photos with a cluttered background.

    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 20 MB.